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Color Drop


The mechanics of Color Drop

Color Drop is an amusing arcade game where you have to drop a ball. You must drop it over the same color parts of the circle or cross obstacles.

In this game, you will control the ball. The color of the ball will change depending on the level. You need to balance the ball before dropping it. You have to remember that you have to help the ball pass through the circle or cross obstacles. These obstacles come in different colors. You need to go through the parts that have the same color as your ball. If you collide with different colored parts, you lose. It means that if you have a blue ball, you do not allow drop over the red parts. You must control your ball until the same color parts come. Try to overcome as many obstacles as possible. You can also collect stars on the playing field.

Some challenges and tips to pass Color Drop

Some challenges

Firstly, the obstacles can rotate. It is so difficult to overcome them. They can distract you. As a result, you may lose. Next, the rotation speed of the obstacles will increase gradually. They put you at high risk. Take caution to pass the level. Finally, obstacles can be nested. Cross obstacles may be in the circle obstacle. You must control your ball well.

Some tips

Have you mastered your character controls yet? You will use the left mouse button to play the game. Click the left mouse button to jump. If you release the left mouse button, the ball will be dropped. You need to play many times to master the game. Also, you need to be flexible when dropping the ball. You will go further if you are focused enough. Besides, you should keep the ball close to the obstacles, then you can drop over quickly.