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Geometry Dash Lite


Traversing the world of Geometry Dash Lite

Welcome to Geometry Dash Lite offering daring adventures. Your journey takes you through dangerous lands in which you can find valuable gold coins.

Like Geometry Dash Scratch, this game is also a successful fan-made version. In this game, you are placed in an unfamiliar world. This world has many lands filled with dangers and treasures. You will play as a cube explorer who desires the gold coins in these lands. Therefore, you dive into the thrilling adventrue in this world to find the coins. In each land, you can collect three coins. After overcome many hazards and gather enough coins, you must run to the finish line as soon as possible to move to the next land.

How to control: Use the arrow keys to guide the character to jump or fly up if you want to dodge the obstacles.

Highlights of Geometry Dash Lite

Awesome levels

This game introduce 15 levels according to 15 wonderful lands. Your adventure will start with Stereo Madness, Back On Track, Polargeist, and Dry Out which are considered to be easy and normal levels in this game. In these levels, the lands have fewer obstacles, so you can easily jump or fly over them to reach the finish line. Then, I recommend you to try more challenging levels which bring more exciting experience. These difficulty of these levels are hard, harder, and even demon. You will encounter not only hazardous traps but also bosses. Watch out and utilize your quick reflexes to conquer the lands in these levels.

Two interesting game modes

Although this game was verified by fans, it still keep some original features. The thing I want to speak of is its game modes. Like the original version, this game also allows you to select between two game modes which are Practice and Normal Mode. The only difference between these modes are the checkpoint system. The practice mode feature the checkpoint system, so you can save your progress during the adventure. However, this feature is eliminated in the Normal Mode. Therefore, you are forced to return to the starting point if you crash the obstacles in the Normal Mode.