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Jumping Shell


Captivating gameplay of Jumping Shell

Jumping Shell is an engaging adventure game featuring 28 levels. Let's take control of the shell to jump and move to evade dangers and reach the exit portal.

Exciting adventure

Like Duck Life, this game also offers wonderful adventures. This new game requires you to control a shell to run to the exit portal. Note that this shell can divide itself into smaller shells. Moreover, it can merge with other shells to become bigger shells. You need to control the shell to dodge all obstacles along the way and get to the exit portal safely. Sometimes, the exit portal is located in a high place. Therefore, you need to guide the shell to jump on platforms to reach the exit portal. If you want the shell to jump high, you need to divide the shell into smaller shells. The smaller the shell is, the higher it can jump.

How to control

Use the left or right arrow keys to guide the shell to move left or right.

Use an up arrow key to control the shell to jump.

Use an up arrow key twice to divide the shell.

Use an R key to reset.

Use a B key to turn back.

Interesting levels of Jumping Shell

As you progress through the game, you encounter an array of challenging levels that test your skills and push your limits. There is a total of 28 levels in this game. These levels offer different settings and challenges. Therefore, you need to employ precise timing, strategic decision-making, and skillful maneuvering. Do your best to complete all levels and have fun. Do not forget to invite your friends to join the adventure in this game. Besides, I want to suggest Level Devil which is also an awesome adventure with many levels in this game.