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Geometry Dash Meltdown


Engrossing adventures in Geometry Dash Meltdown

Geometry Dash Meltdown brings stimulating gameplay. Immerse yourself in a visually stunning world and conquer three wonderful lands in the game.

Discovering new lands

This game is famous for its new maps. In this game, you will start your adventure in three lands including The Seven Seas, Viking Arena, and Airborne Robots. These lands are dangerous because there are various obstacles and monsters in these lands. However, they are also wonderful because many collectible items are waiting for you in these lands. I bet you will be impressed with the awesome themes of the new maps in this new version.

Overcoming challenges

You begin guiding a cube character to a goal at the end of each land. You must continuously control the character to jump or fly if you do not want to hit various dangers and monsters. Jump pads and rings are necessary items that assist you in jumping higher to reach high platforms. Besides, the challenges in the game are brought to a new height when the portals appear scatteredly in all lands. You should distinguish the types of portals such as form portals, manipulation portals, speed portals, and gravity portals. These portals make different changes to your character. For example, your character can transform into a ship, spider, or ball if it goes through the form portals. These changes can be a challenge for you to master the moves of the character.

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If you want to jump or fly up, click the left mouse button or press an up arrow key.


If you want to jump or fly up, tap the screen of your mobile device.

A fresh cast of characters in Geometry Dash Meltdown

The cast of characters in this game is also redesigned. All characters are inspired by Ancient Egypt. Besides the cube character, you can unlock and select other characters characters include a ball, a ship, a spider, a robot, and a UFO. These characters bring variety to the gameplay, requiring you to adapt your strategies and master different control mechanics. While the characters themselves don't have explicit storylines, their presence adds an extra layer of excitement and charm to the game, making each playthrough a visually dynamic and engaging experience.