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Geometry Dash Freedom08


Thrilling gameplay of Geometry Dash Freedom08

Check out Geometry Dash Freedom08 which was published by Pennutoh. Navigate through a wonderful land in which you encounter various dangers.

A journey through a dangerous land

Like Geometry Dash Bloodbath, this game also offers an exhilarating and highly challenging experience for players seeking ultimate mastery. In this game, you must navigate through a series of hazards such as buzzsaws, spikes, and so on while synchronizing to the beat of the accompanying music. Moreover, the land in this game also has many tight spaces, so you need to maneuver through them to progress.

Boosters and portals

A unique feature of this game is its frequent emergence of boosters and portals. The characters will constantly hit the gravity rings, and speed rings and go through numerous speed portals, gravity portals, and form portals. Therefore, the form, speed, and gravity of the character will change constantly. This is the best challenge that causes your failure in the adventure. It is crucial to utilize your precise timing, quick reflexes, and memorization of patterns.

Control: If you want to fly or jump over various hazards, use the spacebar or an up arrow key.

Notable information about Geometry Dash Freedom08

This game is an extraordinary mega-collaboration level within the popular rhythm-based platforming game called Geometry Dash Scratch. It was released by Pennutoh. Its theme is decorated, so it is more vibrant. In addition, its gameplay is also modified, so it is more challenging. Because of its difficulty, the game gets the 99th rank on GDToday's 100 Greatest Levels of All Time list and the 15th rank on the Demonlist. Furthermore, the initial name of this game is Freedom Chair because Pennutoh loves chairs. This is why a giant chair appears at 27% of the adventure. Then, its name is changed to Freedom08.