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Short Ride


Short Ride on a fast bicycle

The game offers you an exhilarating bike ride. You can join the fun and experience new feelings. The game will not let you down. You will face a lot of obstacles. Be brave to face them.

How to complete the missions

Navigate the character to be able to ride the bike as far as possible in Short Ride. You need to take caution with many dangerous obstacles to win.

Have you ever driven on a road filled with obstacles? What are the most difficult obstacles you have ever encountered? If you love the feeling of conquest, don't miss this game and Geometry Dash Scratch.

In the game, your mission is to ride the bike to reach the finish line. Everything sounds simple, but it contains a lot of dangers. When you join this race, you can be put at high risk. You must gradually get used to the difficulties and dangers. First, you need to ride a bike safely. Pay attention to the obstacles on the way. They can be spikes or giant gyres. They can crush your character at any time. If you're lucky, your character just gets hurt. He can still continue if the injury is not too serious. Second, you will have to overcome steep slopes. They can make you lose control. However, these slopes cannot kill you. You will fall off the bike. After that, you need to continue completing your mission. Finally to the finish line. Help your character reach the finish line safely. You will be successful.

How to control

WASD to move.

The spacebar to action.

Some tricks to pass the challenging level in Short Ride

You can apply a few tips below to be able to pass the level quickly. In addition, these tips can help you to win.

Do not lose control

High speed can cause your character to lose control. Remember that you have a lot of tough challenges waiting for you. If your speed is too fast, you may not be able to dodge the obstacles. In addition, you will probably fall off the bike many times. Do not allow accidents to happen if you do not want your hero to get any injuries. Protect your character with the skills you have. Try your best to be safe. If you can win the missions in this game, you can unlock more missions. How many levels can you conquer in this game?

Observe the track closely

Move forward and backward flexibly to avoid obstacles. You must know that your time is unlimited. You can play until you complete the level. So, if you go slowly, you can take a closer look. Looking closely at the track can help you avoid unexpected obstacles. Wait for the right moment to get over them. It is said that after playing the game, you can learn many new skills, especially patience. You will be completely immersed in this game. If you are ready to conquer the challenge, access the game to conquer the hazardous track.