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Merge Fruits


Your objective in Merge Fruit

Play Merge Fruits to experience the juicy and addictive gameplay now. Strategize your moves to make fruit combinations and earn the highest score.

This game has become famous in the gaming community because of its engaging gameplay. Specifically, in this game, you are challenged to make fruit combinations as long as these fruits are the same type. Note that they are only merged when they hit each other. Therefore, when you drop the fruit, make sure two similar fruits are placed next to each other. Pay attention to the line at the top of the screen because touching it can cause the fruit explosion. You must keep your fruits away from this line.

Controls: Click the left mouse button if you want to drop the fruits into the playing field to merge.

The scoring system of Merge Fruit

If you want to earn the highest score in this game, you must learn about its scoring system. Here is the scoring system of the game.

  • You will get 1 point if you combine two mangosteens.
  • Merging two tomatoes helps you get 2 points.
  • If you merge two lemons, you will get 3 points.
  • If you combine two passion fruits, your score will increase by 4 points.
  • Combining two kiwis helps you get 5 points.
  • If you can make a combination of two apples, you will be rewarded with 6 points.
  • You will earn 7 points if you can combine two oranges.
  • You will get 8 points after making a combination of two coconuts.

As you can see, the bigger the fruits are, the higher your score. Therefore, attempt to merge big fruits to earn the highest score. Your ultimate goal is to create a watermelon.