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Subway Surfers


Start your tour in Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is launched to satisfy people who love running games and graffiti. Your character has to run so as not to be caught and avoid obstacles.

The exhilarating story behind the game

In the game, you will accompany the boy Jake, a supervillain who is drawing graffiti at the train line. Players will join Jake on an adventure full of adventure and surprises. Sometimes the game also creates choking situations when just a mistake, Jake will be caught by the guard and his dog.

The game also reflects a lot of the cruelties of this life. Is the boy being pursued because of the graffiti? It also includes the deep hidden meanings that the game developers want to put into the game. The game supports street graffiti artists. They are true artists. Their works are comparable to any other type of artwork.

The gameplay

The game does not have too many things to note. You just need to use meticulousness, observation, and smart ways to avoid obstacles.

The game will begin when the boy Jake is discovered by the guard and the guard dog drawing graffiti on the station wall, the two will rush into the chase. Jake's advantage is having a skateboard. Therefore, players will take advantage of this to find the way to go the farthest and get as much gold as possible. This game brings not only exciting adventures but also a plenty of fun. The farther you go, the faster Jake's speed will increase. This requires you to be very skillful to not collide with the obstacles. The sound in the game is also fun, rushing to bring a sense of dramatic suspense, and stimulating players to explore more stages of the game.

Although the gameplay is so simple, many players still have to give up when the main character's skateboarding speed increases. They can cause your character to fail at any time. If you are keen on the running games, do not miss Geometry Dash Scratch.

Get single uses and upgrades in Subway Surfers

The remarkable single-uses

  • The Hoverboard: It can protect your character from crashing for 30 seconds. Then, you can continue your adventure even if you crash into obstacles.
  • The Mystery Box: It can own a lot of surprise gifts. You can get many coins or get another use. You can use 500 coins to purchase it.
  • The Score Booster: When you get it, you can increase your multiplier by 5, 6, or 7 for one run. Use it to own the highest scores.
  • The Head Start: Use up to 3 to skip ahead and start running at a higher speed.

The outstanding upgrades

You can purchase some upgrades, such as Jetpack, Super Sneakers, Coin Magnet, and 2X Multiplier. They will help you to complete the game with the highest scores and many coins. The Jetpack will help you to fly. Then, you can reduce many risks. In addition, the Super Sneakers will support your character to outrun the guard. To get many coins, it is best if you can select the Coin Magnet and 2X Multiplier.