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Stickman Hook


The gameplay of Stickman Hook

Welcome to Stickman Hook which is an engaging skill game. You are tasked with helping the stickman swing and fly to the finish line and complete 100 levels.

Created by Madbox and MadBox SAS, this is considered to be one of the best stickman games. Why did this game attract many players? The reason is its addictive gameplay. In this game, you need to assist the stickman in reaching the finish line. When the stickman jumps, you should hold the left mouse button to launch a rope to hook the circles along the way. Then, when the stickman swings, you should release the left mouse button to disconnect him and the circle and fly further. Try to get a line with every hook along the way until you reach the finish line. Note that the slanted boards will help you jump higher and further. You make sure that your stickman falls into these slanted boards after disconnecting with the circles. If your stickman disappears from the main screen, you will lose.


Hold the left mouse button to guide the stickman to launch the rope.

Release the left mouse button to disconnect the rope with the circles and jump.

All characters in Stickman Hook

Although this game offers many characters, they are locked. If you want to unlock them, you should complete the levels. There are more than 100 challenging levels in this game. If you can win five levels, you can unlock a character. Let's play this game and explore impressive characters.