Geometry Dash Scratch

Geometry Dash Scratch is a great running game requiring your reflexes and timing. With crazy speed, you must get to the finish line without getting hurt.

If you want to diversify your gaming portfolio, you should not ignore this game. This game promises to provide plenty of fun when you want to kill time at home or wait for the bus. Before exploring the interesting features of this game, we should explore the inspiration source of this game.

Geometry Dash

When speaking of the famous running game series, Geometry Dash is a dominant candidate. It was released as an HTML game by Robert "RobTop" Topala in 2013 and attracted millions of players from all over the world. Although ten years have passed, the fame of this game has not decreased. It is said that the key factors that contributed to its popularity are its unique gameplay, catchy music, and engaging visuals. Specifically, in this game, you must navigate your character through the vibrant and geometrically designed levels. The challenges in the game require you to practice your quick reflexes, fingers, and sharp eyes if you want to beat all levels in the game. Moreover, each level has a unique and impressive theme, which brings you different playing experiences. Finally, you will be impressed with the list of soundtracks in this game. The music in this game belongs to energetic and fast-paced electronic music genres, such as techno, dubstep, and trance. These genres are known for their lively beats, pulsating rhythms, and catchy melodies, which contribute to the game's dynamic and adrenaline-pumping atmosphere. The high-energy tracks help to maintain your engagement and enhance the overall sense of speed and intensity.

Your task list in Geometry Dash Scratch

Even though this is a fanmade version, its gameplay is still really similar to the original version. When playing this game, you also need to jump into wonderful adventures filled with challenges. In these adventures, you must complete three primary missions.

Keep the geometry character safe

The first task I want to mention is to help the geometry character reach the finish line and protect it from hazards along the way. Keeping the character safe may be a challenge for you because the tracks in this game are filled with obstacles. Here is the list of dangers during the journey.

In general, to overcome these traps, you must have split-second decision-making, impeccable timing, and finger dexterity.

Fly or jump through portals

Besides dangerous traps, portals in this game are also considered to be potential hazards. Why? The reason is that they can change the speed, appearance, and gravity of your character during the journey.

Collect keys and gold coins

The final mission in this exhilarating adventure is to pick up keys and gold coins. Throughout your run, you can find secret coins that are hidden behind obstacles. Note that in each adventure, you are required to search for three secret coins. Because they are located in hard-to-reach places, you should be careful when collecting them. As soon as you see the coins at a far distance, you should come up with an effective plan to collect them. Besides secret coins, a key is also a collectible item in this game. It can be used to unlock treasure chests which contain new characters. Moreover, this key also helps to unlock the next paths. Therefore, attempt to find it while you travel in wonderful lands.


Press an up arrow key, the spacebar, or the left mouse button to guide the character to jump up or fly up.

Press a Z key to set checkpoints along the way.

Press an X key to remove checkpoints along the way.

All official levels in Geometry Dash Scratch

So far we have talked about the gameplay of this game. So now, let's talk about all the interesting levels in this game. The game is divided into 3 main levels which challenge your quick reflexes and fingers. Because all levels are available for you to play, you can select one of them instead of finishing them in order.

The Seven Seas

The first level is The Seven Seas which will take you to explore deep seas. In particular, this sea is purple and very beautiful. However, it also hides many dangers such as spikes and fearsome monsters. These monsters will bite you if you crash into them. Therefore, you should take control of your character to stay away from the monster in the deep seas and reach the end of the sea. While discovering the sea, you can chill with the song produced by DESTROYER. This music will make your adventure more interesting and unforgettable.

Viking Arena

Your next destination is the Viking Arena which is considered to be a hard level in this game. This area is filled with lava pools, dragons, hot spikes, and sawblades. Sometimes, the giant dragon will appear and launch fire at you. You should fly down to evade fire. Additionally, a horde of dragons will also emerge and chase you. If you do not want to be crushed by these aggressive dragons, you must run or fly at a crazy speed. Besides, the soundtrack at this level was produced by F-777 and it is really catchy.

Airborne Robots

Your adventure will end after you explore Airborne Robots. This is also the hardest level in this game because it features a more complex obstacle arrangement. The level incorporates a variety of challenging obstacles, including spikes, moving platforms, gravity portals, and more. These obstacles are often combined in complex arrangements, testing players' ability to read and react to multiple elements simultaneously. It requires focus and concentration to navigate through the intricate sequences of obstacles without making mistakes.

Unique features of Geometry Dash Scratch

The diverse game modes

This game has not only many levels but also many game modes, ensuring you are constantly entertained and engaged.

The colorful characters

Another attractive thing about this game is its cast of unique and visually striking characters. Each character in this game adds personality and flair to the gameplay experience, offering you a chance to express yourself and stand out in the vibrant world of geometric adventures. All characters are classified into 7 types which are cube, wave, spider, ball, ship, robot, and UFO. They have different colors and are available for you to select. After selecting your favorite character, you can change its color. Besides available characters, you can unlock new characters by completing the levels and achievements. From the energetic and vibrant Ball to the sleek and nimble Ship, each unlockable character offers a fresh perspective on gameplay, injecting diversity and excitement into the experience.

The verdict on Geometry Dash Scratch

In a nutshell, Geometry Dash Scratch is for everyone. Its appeal lies in its simplicity and accessibility, allowing you of all skill levels to enjoy the game. It provides a sense of accomplishment as you progress through levels, mastering difficult obstacles, and achieving high scores. The game's challenging nature pushes you to improve your reflexes, timing, and spatial awareness, fostering a sense of personal growth and achievement. Furthermore, its visual design is another noteworthy aspect, featuring vibrant colors, geometric shapes, and a distinct style that sets it apart from other platformers. The attention to detail in level design, combined with the unique character designs, contributes to the game's immersive atmosphere and adds to its overall appeal.