Geometry Dash Scratch

Geometry Dash Scratch offers you a long journey with 3 different stages. With crazy speed, you will experience a feeling that cannot be found in other games.

When people are bored, they always have many ways to entertain themselves such as fishing, playing sports, reading books, or playing online games. In recent years, the Geometry Dash series has become extremely popular. It attracts millions of plays worldwide. Although the graphics are simple, the difficulties are what attract players. Geometry Dash Scratch is always outstanding with its features. With 3 levels, you will experience many new things in this version. If you still haven't chosen the game to play while bored, this running game should be your first choice.

Geometry Dash on Scratch

You are probably familiar with the different versions of Geometry Dash. However, many people think that all versions are from the same developer. In fact, many of the installments are fanmade. People without professional tools still make great Geometry Dash. They used Scratch. Many professional gamers often look for Geometry Dash on Scratch. According to Wiki, Scratch is a programming website for children between the ages of 8 to 16. This site is also considered an educational tool for programming. Here, users can create projects with blocks. Look at the versions of Geometry Dash on Scratch! Almost the platform is made of blocks. Geometry Dash Scratch is no exception. You will see blocks on the moving path, triangular spikes. Even the character of this game is a geometry. If you are still wondering what this game looks like, experience it now.

Keep the geometry safe in Geometry Dash

Like any Geometry Dash game, your main character will be a geometry. Your most important task is to control it away from all dangers on the way. It sounds simple but many players have had to give up. Can you conquer this speed game?

Overcoming deadly traps

Sharp spikes or blocks in the way can cause your geometry to crumble. So avoid them by all means. Usually, you will jump over them if they are on the ground. However, sometimes they appear above your geometry. Then don't jump up! You think only spikes and blocks are what you have to face. In fact, the terrain in this game also challenges you a lot. The paths are far apart and they are extremely short. There are squares with tons of spikes below them. You will have to jump accurately and at the right time. Otherwise, sharp spikes will wait for you in the gaps.

Collect keys and gold coins

You will try to go to the portal. Once you have passed through the portal, you can continue your adventure to the next road. Along the way, don't forget to collect gold coins. They will not appear continuously like other games. Each level has only 3 unique gold coins. If you miss them, you won't get a second chance to collect them. In addition, the keys will help you light up the paths that you will take.

Geometry Dash Scratch all levels

The game is divided into 3 main levels and in each level, there will be different stages. You can only unlock stages one by one. However, you can choose one of the three levels you want. These levels are always available. You will go on different adventures on these three levels. Now we will learn more about Geometry Dash Scratch at all levels.

The Seven Seas

The dominant color of this level is purple. The key will be right at the beginning of the adventure line. You will control your geometry in seven seas filled with fearsome monsters. They will guard the ocean below and are ready to bite your character. This level is rated 1 star. It is considered the classic level of the game Geometry Dash Scratch. There will be no assistive devices in this game.

Viking Arena

This is a 2-star level after The Seven Seas level. The background of this level makes you think of large caves lit with torches. Here, you'll see springs that help your geometry jump higher and farther. Just enter this point, and your character will automatically be pushed up. However, be careful if danger is above the character. At this point, the automatic push can cause your character to touch those spikes.

Airborne Robots

Welcome to the world of aerial robots where you will continue your journey. The robot world will challenge you with mechanical obstacles. In addition, your geometry can also swing the hooks placed along the way. These hooks will help your character overcome the long chains of thorns.

Information needed to conquer Geometry Dash Scratch

Besides the task that you need to perform, you also need to note some other features of this game. Some features will be essential for new players. Now, I will introduce some things here.

Practice mode

This game is designed with two main modes including normal mode and practice mode. What is the difference between these two modes? In fact, the practice mode will have additional checkpoints. You can continue your run at the position where your character died. Pay attention to the green gems because they are checkpoints. You can also delete them by clicking the X key. For normal mode, if your character hits an obstacle, you will have to restart that level.

Hundreds of new skins

In the main menu, you can change your character's skins. All these skins are available for you to choose from. Select the skins you like best. This will make you have a great time. Also, if you don't like the color of the skins, change them. With a rich color palette, this game will meet your demand.

Different actions

Do you think you just need to control a block to jump over obstacles? In fact, as you go through the portal, your character will also change. It can become a spaceship or a robot. When piloting a spaceship, you must keep it in mid-air. From there, avoid the dangers from above and below. If you realize your finger, the spaceship will fall onto the spikes immediately.

Challenge yourself

Are you ready for what will happen in this game? Many players even had to give up after completing half of the way. If you want to experience the classic levels of the Geometry Dash series, you should try this game. Unique skins and difficult obstacles are waiting for you in Geometry Dash Scratch.