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Halloween Head Soccer


Join the fierce matches in Halloween Head Soccer

The gameplay

Halloween Head Soccer offers a great sport during the Halloween season. You have to score more goals than your opponent to win while keeping a clean sheet.

Fierce soccer matches are waiting for you. The game is released for those who love soccer and are passionate about it. Join the game with another person and try to control your character. Your character in this game is also very special. You can choose your character before playing the game. The characters are all characters featured in the Halloween festival. You will see many types of scary pumpkins, zombies, mummies, etc. There are many other types of characters waiting for you to discover.

The simple gameplay of the game makes it attractive. Moving easily and smoothly makes it easy for characters to score points. You need to control your character so that it scores points before your opponent. Before time is over, you must get more points than your opponent. Try to keep a clean sheet.


Player 1:

WASD to move.

N, M to shoot.

Player 2:

The arrow keys to move.

1, 2 to shoot.

The game modes of Halloween Head Soccer

The game has two basic game modes. The first mode is 1P. You will play against other players controlled by AI. It is very smart and can score points easily. In addition, you should have tricks and tips to make the match easier. Next, you can try the second mode which is 2P. The game allows you to play with another one. Both of you will control your character and compete to determine the winner who has higher scores.

Two unique game modes allow you to have fun and practice your skills. You can play the game better if you practice hard. Don't worry about your mistakes when you first start playing the game. You will play better the next time you play. Good luck!