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Stack Bounce


The principles of Stack Bounce

You can experience many challenging levels in Stack Bounce. You need to control the bouncing ball to break many platforms and reach the bottom of the tower.

Destroy the tower

The game offers a novel play space. Your task is highly simple because you just need to drop the ball to break many stacking platforms. At each level, the platforms will have different colors. You can only break brightly colored backgrounds. You are not allowed to break the black background. If your ball hits them, you will lose immediately. So you need to be careful not to collide with the black platforms. To break the platforms, you use the mouse. Your ball will bounce on the platforms, you will hold the left mouse button to break them. In addition, the tower can rotate constantly. So, you need to take caution. Moreover, the area of the colorful platform will be smaller, which causes a tough challenge for you. After beating challenges in this game, I invite you to visit Cannon Balls 3D which is also an interesting game on our website.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to control the ball to break platforms.

Customize your character

Like Subway Surfers, this game also offers many characters that are locked. If you want to unlock them, you must accomplish specific missions.

  • Ball: If you want to get the ball character, you must break 1000 platforms.
  • Cube: Try to complete 5 levels to unlock the cube character.
  • Diamond: You must destroy 5000 platforms to unlock the diamond character.
  • Bomb: This bomb character is only unlocked after you finish 25 levels.
  • Heart: This heart character will be unlocked if you eliminate platforms.
  • Duck: To get the duck character, you need to break 10,000 platforms.
  • Star: Do your best to win 50 levels to unlock this star character.

Some tactics to win in Stack Bounce

Timing is an important factor

The most crucial aspect of this game is timing your taps accurately. I advise you to pay close attention to the movement of the ball and the speed at which the platforms approach. You should aim to tap just as the ball aligns with a platform to break through it effectively. Practice your timing to achieve a smooth and continuous descent.

Create energy

You can generate energy by breaking multiple platforms at once. You will get power when the yellow circle is full. If you have got enough energy, your ball will automatically break the platforms. You do not need to control it to reach the bottom of the tower. As a result, you can move to the following levels.

Practice many times

If you want to master the game, you should practice it many times. You may fail the first time, but it will give you valuable lessons. You will probably gain more experience. Then, you can complete the level easily. Good luck!