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Cannon Balls 3D


Some information about Cannon Balls 3D

The game rules

Improve your shooting skills in Cannon Balls 3D. The game requests you to shoot many cylinders and squares to pass the level without using all ammo.

If you are too familiar with using guns, you can switch to using cannons. In this game, you need to master cannon to be able to complete the mission. First, you need to aim to shoot squares and cylinders. They are placed on the tables. If you can make them fall to the ground, you can win. It is best if you can watch carefully.

However, you also need to remember that your ammunition is limited. Each level will give you a different amount of ammo. You need a smart strategy to not use all of them. After you use all the ammunition, you have to wait for all the squares and cylinders to fall. After five seconds, if they are still on the table, you will have to stop the game.

How to shoot

Use the mouse to play the game. You can aim by moving the mouse or change the direction. If you want to shoot, you press the left mouse button.

The tricks to pass the level in Cannon Balls 3D

Smart strategy can help you overcome challenging levels. First, you should choose your shooting location carefully. Because the squares and cylinders are stacked on top of each other, you need to shoot at the ones at the bottom. This can cause the blocks above to fall down. You will get rid of many squares at once. As a result, you can save your ammo.

Next, it is best if you can shoot at the TNT accurately. They will explode a lot of squares and cylinders. You can remove a large number of blocks on the playing field. To train your skills, you also can control another cannon in Brick Breaker Bash.