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Brick Breaker Bash


Clean up the playing field of Brick Breaker Bash

Welcome to the game where you can train your shooting skill. You need to check your skills to win the game. To become the best player, you have to break all bricks first. Follow the game rules to complete the level quickly. Have fun!

The game rules

Use the balls to break the bricks in Brick Breaker Bash. The game requests you eliminate all bricks from the playing field before they reach the bottom.

With a very simple task, you can understand the flip rule right from the first try. In the first levels, you will get 30 balls. You will shoot them at a time at different numbered bricks. The bricks are only broken when enough balls hit them. It means that if you want to break the brick marked 30, you need to aim and shoot at this brick so that it collides with your 30 balls. These balls can also be bounced when they hit the wall. As a result, you can break more bricks. You need to take advantage of this feature to win.

You also need to remember that after each of your shots, these bricks will drop down one level. Don't let them from reaching the bottom. Pretty break them before they make you lose. You can also get more attractive gifts when you complete the mission. You complete your mission with as few shots as possible. You will get three stars for your effort. In addition, you can also earn many coins when playing this game.

How to pass the level

Use the mouse to play the game. To aim, you need to hold the left mouse button while you need to release the button to shoot. You need to observe closely before shooting because your time is not limited. Adjust the direction to ensure that you can break many bricks.

Some features of Brick Breaker Bash

The game has outstanding features. They are the factors that sink many people. The game also becomes more interesting thanks to the features.

Many challenging levels

The game offers a lot of levels which always gradually increase in difficulty. You have to conquer them in turn to be able to win. Later levels will have more bricks. These bricks will also be larger. So you need to be skillful to be able to break them. If you persist, you can win this game. High levels will help you practice your abilities, which is similar to Geometry Dash Scratch. Try your best to win.

Unlock the adjusting corner power-ups

At the bottom of the screen, there are four types of power-ups. They will help you align the shot more accurately. You can buy them with your gold coins. You can align the horizontal angle when shooting thanks to 100 coins. The most expensive power-up costs 600 coins. So you have to collect as many coins as possible to purchase them. Buy them for accurate shots. Shooting balls effectively will help you complete the level.