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Skibidi Toilet


The shooting battles in Skibidi Toilet

It's time to jump into exciting shooting fights in Skibidi Toilet. Cooperate with the cameramen to defeat all toilet enemies and restore peace to the city.

Defeat the toilet enemies

This interesting game will take you to the fights against the toilet opponents who are attacking the city and hurting innocent people. They are equipped with two powerful guns. You must run around the city to find them and battle with them. Let's aim accurately at the toilet rivals and shoot constantly until they are eliminated. You should stay away from them while shooting if you do not want to be attacked. The cameramen will assist you in defeating the enemies, so don't worry. This game features many levels and the number of toilet enemies will increase as the game progresses. Therefore, hiring more cameramen is necessary to take down more toilet enemies. You will be rewarded with a lot of money after winning a fight and completing a level.

Upgrade your weapons

When you have a lot of time, it's time to go shopping. Let's visit the weapon shop in which you can purchase new weapons such as a plasma gun, Thunderlight, Aurous, and Molt. They will create certain damage, so you should consider carefully before buying a suitable weapon.

How to control

Press the arrow keys to run around the city to find the enemies.

Hold the right mouse button to aim at the opponents and then click the left mouse button to shoot down them.

Press the spacebar to jump high.