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Fruit Master


The principle of Fruit Master

Participate in Fruit Master to test your fruit-slicing skills. You need to slice or cut the fruits by throwing the knife toward them and finish the juice.

How to make a great juice? You can make your own juice online if you participate in this game. Before putting fruit into the juicer, you must cut the fruits. After that, they will be put into the juicer. However, your task is not simple. You will throw the knife towards the fruits to cut them in half. They will rotate around. So if you miss the knife, you cannot move to the next level. You must try to cut all the fruits to complete the glass of juice.

It is a casual action game that challenges your timing and reflexes. The more fruits you slice and the higher your combos, the more points you will earn. Challenge yourself to beat your previous best scores and aim for the top of the leaderboard. Finally, you can get many coins if you complete a juice drink. Accumulate them to explore the game well.

Some challenges of the game

Like Poor Bunny, the game also offers many other types of challenges. Can you conquer the difficult levels?

Fruit movement speed

As you know, fruits will move or rotate in a circle. You cannot control their speed. Therefore, you need to find the right time to throw the knife at them. The game requires you to concentrate hard to get a perfect glass of juice.

The small fruits

Throwing a knife at large fruits such as watermelon, coconut, and cantaloupe is simple. However, there will be smaller fruits. These include lemons, apples, etc. You often miss when trying to throw knives. Therefore, you need to observe carefully to be able to cut many types of fruit at the same time. Because the game has no time limit, you can stay calm and observe how the fruits move.

Explore other things in Fruit Master

As you progress and accumulate points, you may have the opportunity to unlock new knives or backgrounds, adding a touch of customization to your gameplay experience. Experiment with different knives and backgrounds to keep the game fresh and enjoyable. After three levels, you will be able to participate in the lucky pin. You can get more gold coins and gems. You can use them to buy other knives.