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Poor Bunny


Some game modes in Poor Bunny

Poor Bunny is an amusing game where you will control an adorable bunny. You need to collect as many carrots as possible and avoid hazardous obstacles.

The game is extremely dramatic because the cute rabbit's life is always in danger, which is similar to Geometry Dash Scratch. You need to support it to be able to complete the mission. The game also offers three modes for all. You can select one of them to start.

1 Player mode

In this mode, you will control the little bunny to get as many carrots as possible. Jump on the platforms to get them. However, you also need to pay attention to dangerous obstacles because crashing into them will result in your death. The arrows will fall unexpectedly. Keep moving to avoid them. In addition, there are many cannons that are constantly firing at you. Be quick to dodge them. You will bravely face the cog gears moving on the ground. If your character crashes into it, you will lose. Try your best to get many carrots.

2 Player co-op mode

Like the first mode, your task is still to collect carrots and avoid obstacles. What's more exciting, you can join this mode with another one. The two of you will work together to get a large amount of carrots. As a result, you will get more coins. The increased number of characters means you will have to play in a tighter space. Dodging obstacles is also more difficult. But if you can do well, you will accumulate a lot of gold coins. You will also become more connected after playing this game.

2 Player competition mode

This game also allows you to join with another. Unlike the second mode, the two of you will join the game and compete with each other. Until the game is over, you must try to collect more carrots than your opponent. Compete fairly to be able to win. If you have any chance to eat carrots, do not miss it. You will win with a large amount of carrots. The game modes in the game will surely satisfy even the most demanding players. Create classic battles or combinations based on your choices. You can choose one of them without meeting any requirements.

Controls and tips in Poor Bunny


Player 1

W to jump.

A to go back.

D to go forward.

Player 2

Use the up arrow key to take control of the rabbit to jump on high platforms.

Use the left arrow key to the rabbit to go back.

Use the right arrow key to control the rabbit going forward.

Some outstanding tips

To eat more carrots, you should move more flexibly. Take advantage of the platforms on the playing field to be able to dodge the obstacles. They not only help you consume the carrots but also help you dodge the bombs and arrows.

In addition, you need to accumulate many carrots to exchange lives. You can exist on the playing field longer if you have more lives. Then, you can be protected even if you collide with many obstacles. Finally, you can unlock other bunnies to make the game more exciting. Have fun.