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Geometry Dash Bloodbath


The Rise of Geometry Dash Bloodbath

Get ready for a new and more challenging adventure in Geometry Dash Bloodbath. Test your quick reflexes by controlling the character to evade multiple dangers.

Besides Geometry Dash Breeze, this game is a new version that I want to recommend to you. In this game, the developer Riot raised its level of difficulty. Specifically, they said that this game has an Extreme Demon level. Right after it was launched on 12 August 2015, it climbed to the first rank on the Official Extreme and Insane Demon Records List and attracted many skilled players from all over the world.

Wonderful gameplay of Geometry Dash Bloodbath

The Most Dangerous Journey

At the start of the journey, you will play as a ship that is able to fly over various obstacles. Then, you will go through many form portals. In fact, there are only three types of form portals scattered along the way. They are ball portals, cube portals, and ship portals. When you transform into a ball or cube, you cannot fly. Instead, let's jump in time to dodge the dangers along the way. Moreover, the land in this game is full of spiky tunnels and one-block tunnels. When moving in tight spaces like tunnels, you should be careful and not make high jumps. Because this game does not feature any coin, move straight and try to reach the finish line safely.

How to control: Click the left mouse button if you want to guide the ship to fly up or a cube and ball to jump up

Character Customization

Like Geometry Dash Subzero, this game also allows you to customize your character. You can change the design and color of the cube, wave, ship, ball, spider, UFO, and robot characters. All of them are unlocked, so feel free to choose your favorite character designs and colors before starting your thrilling adventure.