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Cubes 2048.io


The main objective of Cubes 2048.io

Cubes 2048.io is a thrilling snake game that features unique gameplay and vibrant graphics. Let's consume cubes to lengthen and strengthen your snake.

Hunt for cubes

This game revolves around the hunt for cubes of snakes from all over the world. These snakes are created from numbered cubes. Your mission is to take control of your snake to eat scattered cubes in the arena. After consuming the cubes, they will be merged with other cubes in your snake. After the cubes are combined, your snake will become longer and stronger. Your snakes can consume the snakes which have cubes with smaller numbers. However, you also need to watch out for the snakes that have cubes with higher numbers. You had better guide your snake to escape from the bigger snakes in the arena if you want to survive long. Your ultimate goal in this game is to create the giant snake, gain the highest score, and get the first rank on the leaderboard. Do not forget to invite your friends to join this party of snakes now. You and your friends will be teleported to the same arena. I suggest you and your friends should cooperate to battle with other snakes.

Collect power-ups

One tip I want to suggest to you is to gather the power-ups that have different effects. If you want to escape from the bigger snakes faster, you should collect the Speed power-up. If you want to raise your score, you can collect the Multiplier power-up. You should be quick to collect them before your opponents do that.


The only way to guide the snake to crawl around is to swipe the mouse around.

If you want your snake to accelerate its speed, hold the left mouse button.

If you want to decrease the speed, release the left mouse button.