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Spiral Roll


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Create the wooden spiral rolls

Spiral Roll is an interesting entertaining game related to carpentry. You need to create large spirals to overcome obstacles and reach higher scores.

Carpentry is a profession that requires ingenuity and patience from each person. You can experience one simple job among the many jobs related to this profession. In this game, you can chisel wood. You will use the chisel to be able to create spiral wooden rolls. You will place the chisel down by holding the left mouse button. The spirals will gradually get bigger if you keep chiseling the wood. When you raise the chisel up, the wooden spiral will automatically roll forward and destroy all high walls on the path. You can utilize these wooden spirals to collect coins along the way. Note that some coins are located in high places. If you want to pick them up, you should create big spirals.

Avoid many obstacles

While trying to create wood spirals, you need to pay attention to obstacles. Your chisel is only allowed to chisel wooden slats. If you put it down on iron bars, your chisel will be damaged. You need to avoid them by releasing the left mouse button. In addition, if you do not have any wooden sticks, you must also lift the chisel to avoid falling into the water. Besides iron bars, you will see many spike traps and saws along the way. They can damage your chisel, so try to keep your chisel away from them.

Reach the finish line

After your chisel reaches the finish line, you should create the smallest spiral. The small spiral can fly high and you can get more points. In contrast, the big spiral is too strong to fly high. The higher your spiral can fly, the more points you can get. After your chisel gets to the finish line safely, you can step into the higher level with more challenges. Complete all levels in this game and then remember to take a look at Rocky The Jetpack Boy to join another exciting adventure.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to chisel woods and release the left mouse button to stop doing that.

Some highlights of Spiral Roll

Purchase other chisels

Like Gold Miner, this game also offers a store in which you can buy new chisels. If you accumulate a lot of gold coins, you can use them to buy your favorite chisels. New chisels will bring you more wonderful experiences. You can make more and larger wooden spiral rolls. As a result, they can help you break the walls. You can reach the finish line easily.

Change the background

If you pass 5 levels in a row, you will discover new backgrounds. The more levels you unlock, the more amazing scenes you need to access in the game. Come on and have fun.