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Rocky The Jetpack Boy


Adventure of the character in Rocky The Jetpack Boy

Some challenges for you

Rocky The Jetpack Boy offers a thrilling adventure where you may face many monsters. You need to control your character and beat others to get many coins.

Like Subway Surfers, you will need to face countless fascinating challenges. You will meet many different types of monsters. They possess power and can take your life if you block their ways. If you do not need to be careful, you might have to stop the game. Besides the monsters, you will have to confront bosses. They are numerous and have great power. They are the most dangerous monsters here. Finally, there are many bombs that are released to kill you. You should pay attention to them and avoid them.

Some tasks

You will control an adventurer in this game. He is fitted with a jetpack in the back. So he is able to fly. You will assist him in flying to dodge bombs. If you hit any obstacle, your mana will decrease. You will lose if you run out of energy. You also do not allow to crash into the monsters to save your character.

Moreover, your character is equipped with weapons. He will automatically slam, you just need to move for him to hit the target. Also, try to collect as many coins as possible. Can you complete the adventure with a large number of coins?

Controls in Rocky The Jetpack Boy

Controlling your character is very easy. You just need to use the arrow keys to control. If you press the up and down arrow key, your character will fly up or land. In addition, if you want to fly forward or back, you can press the left and right arrow keys. The game does not require too many operations. However, you still need to practice hard to be able to play the game better. You will probably win more gold coins the next time you play.