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Traffic Tour


Your missions in Traffic Tour

Check out Traffic Tour which is a great driving game made by Wolves Interactive. Race on the highways, try to reach the finish line, and collect coins.

If you are a racing enthusiast who loves car games such as Traffic Command, you should not ignore this game. In this game, you will join different races in which you are required to complete different tasks. Here are some main tasks you need to do.

  • Reach the finish line: You need to drive your car to move to the left or right to avoid crashing into other vehicles on the road and reach the finish line safely. Note that any collision will make you return to the start line.
  • Collect coins: The blue and yellow coins are scattered along the way. You need to collect the required number of coins to complete the mission.
  • Go through checkpoints: There are many checkpoints along the highway, so you need to drive your car to go through these checkpoints. Remember that colliding with other vehicles will send you to a nearby checkpoint.


Use the left-right arrow keys to drive the car to move to the left or right to evade vehicles on the road.

Use an up arrow key to raise the speed of the car.

Use a down arrow key to decrease the speed of the car.

Customization and upgrades in Traffic Tour

If you want to enhance the gameplay and performance of your vehicles, you can buy new cars in the garage. This game offers a vast selection of cool cars, ranging from Fertra F315 and Okand O71 to Molvetro M22 and Vonrtam V78. If you want to buy them, you need to earn a lot of money and coins. After that, you can personalize your cars by changing their colors and wheels, and decorating them with beautiful stickers. You can enhance your car's performance by upgrading various components such as the power, turbo, brake, handling, acceleration, and nitro.