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Traffic Command


The overview of Traffic Command

Traffic safety is one of the issues that many people care about, especially traffic jams. It has a great influence on people. So the game is inspired by traffic situations.

The mechanics of the game

Participate in Traffic Command to control the traffic lights. The game requests you to turn on and turn off the traffic lights to avoid traffic jams.

In this game, you will be the commander of the traffic lights. Each level will have a different number of traffic lights. They are also placed in different locations. Usually, they will be placed at intersections where there are many means of transport. Your task is to not let any traffic accidents happen. Any collision will cause you to lose. Therefore, you need to ensure traffic safety strictly.

To complete the mission, you need to turn on or turn off the lights. You turn on a red light to ask vehicles in the same direction to stand still. After waiting for other vehicles to pass safely, you need to turn on the green light again to make sure there is no traffic jam. These traffic light-switching activities need to be coordinated and carefully calculated. Any mistake can lead to an accident.

In addition, the number of traffic lights will increase at the following level. You need to command more crossroads. You have to be very agile to complete your mission. If you are slow, you will not be able to get much of the bonus. Are you ready to be able to command the traffic?

How to control

Use the left mouse button to turn on or turn off the traffic lights.

The features of Traffic Command

While directing traffic, you also need to pay attention to timing, target, and lives. You need to try to meet all the requirements. Conquer as many challenging levels as possible.

The limited time

The time for you to complete the task is not much. You have just over 1 minute to complete your task. The countdown in the top right corner of the screen tells you your remaining time. If the time runs out but you have not completed your mission yet, you will need to replay the level. Play until you can pass the level and advance to the next level. Time pressure will make you practice your speed and quick reflexes. You will probably become a master after playing the game.

The target

To be able to pass the level, you need to meet the target. Each level will have a different target. You only succeed until you command enough vehicles to cross the road. Your target will increase with each level. The higher the level, the harder it is. You also have to complete the target within the allotted time. These goals force you to stay focused. If you love this game, you can also invite your friends to join. Let's become the best commander in the game.

The lives

Like Geometry Dash Scratch, your lives is limited. You are not allowed to have an accident more than three times. Frequent crashes will force you to play the game again. To save your lives, you need to concentrate on the game. You also cannot increase your lives. So, let's take advantage of them to reach many levels. Good luck!