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Crossy Traffic


Some information about Crossy Traffic

Crossy Traffic is an attractive running game for many players because of the difficult challenge. Your task is to help the chicken cross the road safely.

When you join the game, you can relax and relieve stress. Why don't you enjoy it now? You can follow the guide below to learn more about the game.

Some kinds of roads in the game

Welcome to this fascinating game. In this game, you will face many different types of roads. They contain many dangers. The first one is the road with many cars. The speed of the cars is very fast, they are constantly rushing forward. The road is crowed with tons of vehicles. If you are not paying attention, you will crash into them. As a result, you lose. The second type is the subway where trains rush by at high speed. Sometimes there will be two trains running one after another. The subways are highly dangerous. The last category is the waterway. On the waterway, you will meet floating wooden boards and crocodiles. Take advantage of them to cross the waterways safely.

Some challenges for you

A lot of dangerous roads are waiting for you to cross. Your character in this game is a lovely chicken. It needs your help to be able to cross the road. You need to wait for the right moment to be able to control your character. Slow movement can lead your fail. However, if you do not focus, you will crash into the cars, or you will fall into the water. When overcoming the roads, you need to wait a few seconds before running. Take caution with the cars on the road. The game also requires you to have agility and dexterity skills. Are you ready to cross these dangerous roads? The fast-pace game always bring fun to you, so let' try Geometry Dash Scratch.

Controls and some tips to win in Crossy Traffic

You should pay attention to how to control to be able to help your character win. In addition, applying some of the tips below will help you go further. Good luck.

The controls

WASD to move.

The spacebar to start your adventure in the game.

Some tips

When crossing the road, you need to pay attention to cars. Move left or right to look for gaps. You need to rush across the road to avoid being hit. Besides, if you want to cross the subways, you need to focus on the traffic lights. If the traffic light turns red, or a danger warning is displayed, you should wait. The train will arrive immediately. After the train passes, you need to quickly cross the subway. Waterways contain more dangers than you imagine. Wooden planks floating on the water are one of the things that can help you cross the waterways. You need to wait for them to pass and jump up. Crocodiles can also help you cross this river. Jump on their backs to continue your journey.