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Gold Miner


Become a professional Gold Miner

Gold Miner offers an exciting journey where you will find gold underground. Control your crane to get a lot of gold and meet the target to pass the level.

You can join this game to earn a lot of money and gold. You need to use the awesome skill you've been practicing to be able to finish the level and move to the following levels.

Complete your mission

Your task in this game is to become a genuine miner who has a lot of skills and experience in mining. In this game, each level will have different targets. You can see your goal in the top right corner of the screen. That is the amount of money you have to earn in this game. Each time you get the gold, you will receive an amount corresponding to the size of the gold you get. The more gold you collect, the more money you have.

In addition, there are a lot of money bags. You can collect them to increase your money significantly. They are not too heavy so you can easily get them off the ground. Occasionally, you will receive power-ups in these bags. They are a surprise gift for you.

On the other hand, underground also has things of low value such as rocks, and dry bones. They only bring you 5 dollars. You should not collect them to avoid losing time. The time for you to complete the task is not too much. The timer will count down your time right below the target section. Try to meet the target in time unless you will lose.

How to control the crane machine

You will use the left mouse button to play the game. The crane will move the hook automatically, so you have to press the button to drop it. Then, the crane will pull the items.

The shop of Gold Miner

Like Geometry Dash Scratch, in the shop, there are many power-ups for sale. They can help you get more money or complete tasks easily. You need to understand them well to make the right decision.

The power-ups

There are two power-ups in this game. The engine can help speed up your crane. Then, you can collect the gold quickly. You will also save more time when you buy it. Every time you buy it, the crane's power will be double-boosted. Besides, use 300 dollars to buy the bombs. You can destroy the big rocks when you make a mistake. You will have more chances to get other valuable items.

The jewels

To make the level more interesting, you can choose to increase the number of money bags, diamonds, and gold. You will have more things to collect. They will help you achieve your target quickly. You will also not need to spend too much time aligning the crane before collecting. If you want the game to be more difficult, you can choose to increase the number of underground rocks. Make an effort to become the winner with a large amount of money.