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Super Mario 64


Fluid Gameplay of Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 is an engaging adventure game with groundbreaking concepts. Join the adventure of Mario and fight against bosses along the way.

A wonderful adventure

This game's gameplay remains a benchmark for the platforming genre. The game's controls were exceptionally responsive, allowing players to effortlessly guide Mario through his adventures. The introduction of analog stick controls provided a new level of precision and fluidity to Mario's movements. Whether it was executing acrobatic jumps, performing wall kicks, or diving into long jumps, players felt in complete control of Mario's actions. This responsive gameplay created a sense of mastery and satisfaction, making every movement and action feel satisfying and empowering.

Boss fights

  • Big Bob-omb: The first boss you encounter in the game is Big Bob-omb. He resides at the top of the mountain in "Bob-omb Battlefield." To defeat him, you need to grab him from behind and throw him on the ground three times.
  • Whomp King: The Whomp King is the boss of "Whomp's Fortress." He is a large stone enemy that tries to crush Mario by slamming down on him. You need to avoid his attacks and wait for him to fall flat on the ground. Then, you can jump on his back to defeat him.
  • King Boo: King Boo is the boss of "Big Boo's Haunt," a spooky mansion level. In order to defeat him, you need to find and ground-pound on his red circle of paintings, which reveals the real King Boo. Then, you can defeat him by running into him while he is vulnerable.
  • Eyerok: Eyerok is a pair of giant stone hands and the boss of "Shifting Sand Land." To defeat Eyerok, you need to wait for each hand to slam into the ground. When their eyes are exposed, you can punch or kick them. You need to repeat this process several times to defeat both hands.
  • Big Bully: Big Bully is the boss of "Lethal Lava Land." He is a large, round bully that tries to push Mario off the platform into the lava. To defeat him, you need to knock him into the lava by either punching or kicking him.
  • Chief Chilly: Chief Chilly is the boss of the secret level "Snowman's Land." He is a giant snowman that tries to freeze Mario with his icy breath. To defeat him, you need to pick up and throw him three times.


Use an Enter key to choose.

Use a Z key to jump.

Use an X key to attack.

Use TFGH keys to guide Mario to move around.

Engaging and Diverse Levels of Super Mario 64

This game's levels were a testament to the game's exceptional design. Each level was a unique world brimming with imaginative challenges and hidden secrets. From the sunny landscapes of "Bob-omb Battlefield" to the treacherous icy slopes of "Cool, Cool Mountain," every level had its distinct theme and gameplay mechanics.