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Geometry Dash Leyak


New things in Geometry Dash Leyak

Geometry Dash Leyak is an awesome adventure game that takes you to an Indonesian temple. Let's explore the temple and watch out for dangers along the way.

More challenging gameplay

The difficulty of this game is Insane Demon. Therefore, when playing this game, you must join a more dangerous adventure. The game starts with mini cube timings and orbs, followed by a UFO section and a fast-paced wave spam. The level includes robot sections, more UFO segments, and mini-cube challenges. There are dual sections that require precise timing and transitions into wave spam. The level features a difficult asymmetrical dual and transitions between different game modes like cube, spider, and UFO. Players navigate through orb timings, red orb string spam segments, and gravity portals. The level concludes with a mini ball section, a mini UFO challenge, and a final segment with a controlled wave spam.

How to control: Press the spacebar or click the left mouse button if you want to guide the character to fly up or jump.

Unique layout

The notable feature of this game is its layout which helps the game to be nominated for Best Design Level in the Geometry Dash 2020 Awards. The layout of this game was inspired by Indonesian culture and designed by Marwec and ILRELL and EnZore.The theme of the game is black. Moreover, many Indonesian items such as 'Keris' and a 'Jimat' appear during the adventure. In additrion, the flashy effects is also a highlight in the game.

More information about Geometry Dash Leyak

This game is the product of EnZore, Marwec, and Ilrell, and BoldStep. It became famous after being released because of its difficulty and impressive theme. During the game, you can see Leyak who is able to black magic following the demon queen Rangda. Like Geometry Dash Freedom08, this game is also playable on both PC and mobile devices.