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A Difficult Game About Climbing


Engaging gameplay of A Difficult Game About Climbing

Check out A Difficult Game About Climbing to join an exciting adventure of a wild guy. Climb on mountains, trees, buildings, and clouds to reach the sky.

An exciting adventure

Are you ready for a thrilling adventure of a wild man in the forest? In this adventure, you must swim in the river and climb the mountains, waterfalls, and trees in the forest. After getting out of the forest, you will reach the city where you must climb on buildings. Then, you will reach the sky where you should climb on the clouds and credit words. After climbing on the credit words, you will jump into infinite space, and the adventure ends. Your ultimate goal is to earn the highest possible score in this adventure.

How to control

Guide the hands of the character by using the mouse.

Grab the objects by clicking the left or right mouse button.

Pull up your body by using the spacebar or a W key.

Note: The game controller can be used to play this game.

The Map of A Difficult Game About Climbing

The game's map consists of a vast, vertically oriented mountain filled with various obstacles and challenges. The mountain is designed to be treacherous, with steep cliffs, narrow ledges, and precarious platforms. The environment is diverse, featuring different landscapes, structures, and elements that make each section unique. While the game does not provide a traditional map or mini-map, you can gain a sense of the overall layout by exploring and navigating through the mountain. As you progress, they will encounter distinct landmarks and points of interest that serve as milestones in your journey.

It's important to note that the mountain's layout is deliberately designed to be non-linear, meaning you have the freedom to choose your own paths and tackle obstacles in different orders. This nonlinearity adds to the game's challenge and requires you to constantly assess your surroundings and determine the best routes to progress.