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Duck Shooter


The exciting tasks in Duck Shooter

Shoot at the target ducks

Duck Shooter is a thrilling shooting game putting your aim and reflexes to the test. You will aim at these elusive duck targets while avoiding the normal ducks.

The game offers straightforward and easy-to-understand gameplay. All you need to do is tap or click on the screen to shoot at the ducks as they slide by. You must remember that you are allowed to shoot the ducks with the target which are sliding on three lines. As you progress through the levels, the ducks will start to fly in more complex and unpredictable patterns. Some may slide swiftly across the screen, while others may zigzag or perform evasive maneuvers. Your sharp shooting skills and quick reflexes will be put to the test.

Avoid the normal ducks

Some might be protected species or innocent bystanders. As a responsible hunter, you may be tasked with avoiding shooting these ducks that do not have a target while still targeting the ducks. Precision and careful aim are crucial here.

At certain levels, your task might be to maintain a high accuracy percentage in your shots. This means hitting a high number of ducks relative to the total number of shots taken. It challenges you to carefully choose your shots and make them count.

The traits of Duck Shooter

Increase ammo

Each time you hit a target duck, you can get an extra bullet. You need to accumulate this ammo to be able to shoot down more ducks. As you know, the speed of the ducks will increase, so you may miss many times. If you have enough ammo, you don't need to worry about this problem. Therefore, you need to accumulate bullets to be able to conquer higher scores.

Remain the time

Initially, you only have 4 seconds to shoot the ducks. However, you can maintain or increase the time limit by hitting target ducks quickly. High precision and speed can be the keys to your success. You should practice hard to be able to play the game for a longer time.