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Fish Eat Getting Big


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Look for food beneath the ocean

Fish Eat Getting Big offers interesting experiences to you. You can control your fish to eat smaller fish and size up until you can eat larger fish.

Under the vast ocean, there is a lot of food. This is where many ocean creatures live. They may be food for this species, but they can also be great predators. You get both opportunities and risks. The vast ocean is where your character lives.

You will start the game with the smallest fish. It is numbered 5. You need to eat fish that are smaller than the one you have. They can make your character size up. You will own a bigger fish. If you have a larger fish, you can eat many other fish.

However, you will have to face many risks. Your character can become food for other bigger fish. You have to avoid larger fish if you don't want to stop playing. You need to grow your fish bigger so you can hunt other fish. Besides, you must avoid the bombs. They can take your character’s life.


Player 1

WASD to move.

Player 2

The arrow keys to move.

Player 3

Use the mouse to move.

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3-player game

The game is so fun when it allows you to play the game with two other people. You can your opponent will compete at the same device. This will help you bond more with others. You can also compete with each other to become the biggest fish in the ocean. Don't miss any opportunity if you want to become the king. Let’s follow the instructions above to clearly understand how to control the characters.

Many maps

There are many maps for you. You can move across many different oceans. Sea creatures will also change with each map. You should buy them with your gold coins. The more money you have, the more maps will be opened.