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Jewel Academy


What is Jewel Academy

Jewel Academy is an amusing arcade game. The gems should be rearranged so that at least three of the identical diamonds are in a row or column.

If you are looking for an entertaining game, like Brick Breaker Bash, you should not miss this game. The game will bring you exciting moments of relaxation. Please join and complete your target to win. The game has 440 levels. All of them are waiting for you to conquer.

To conquer the level, you need to complete the target. Each level will have a different target. They will increase gradually through levels. You need to move the jewels so that they form a row or a column with at least 3 jewels. If you can have more than 3 jewels in a row or column, you can get many power-ups. They are potions, rockets, etc. They will help you remove jewels faster and gain more points at each level.

Furthermore, you will not have too many moves in this game. At each level, you will get a different number of moves. You need to complete the target before you run out of moves. In addition, the remaining number of moves will be converted into points after you complete the task.

Your rewards in Jewel Academy

In this game, you will get three stars if you get more points than the target. If you get enough points to complete the goal, you will only get one or two stars. These stars prove your talent. Make an effort to get three stars. Besides stars, the score is also the motivation for you to complete the task. Let's experience the fun of the game. Have a nice day.