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Knife Ninja


Some facts about Knife Ninja

The mechanics of the game

Knife Ninja will check your ability to waste knives. You need to throw all the knives you have into a large fruit on the screen and hit the small apples.

A large fruit will appear in the center of the screen. You need to throw the knives in order to complete the mission. However, you will still face difficulties when throwing knives. First, you have to throw all the knives you have towards the big fruit to be able to level up. You need to throw in the empty positions. If you throw knives in places where there are knives, you lose. Then, you have to start with the first level as a bad result. Try to upgrade to the highest level in the game.

In addition, you have to throw knives at the small apples. You must start the game over if you throw every knife but one apple. You must be careful not to throw in the places where the knife is available. You should throw in the apples first and finish the knife throw later.

How to throw the knife

You will press the left mouse button to throw the knife. You need to consider before throwing to win. Your time is not limited so you can wait for the right moment and throw the knife.

Other challenges in Knife Ninja

The number of knives that you need to throw will increase gradually through the levels. You must upgrade your skills to complete the mission. In addition, you cannot control the rotation speed of the fruit. So, you can just wait for the right moment to throw the knife. Be patient to be able to complete the task excellently. How many levels in this game can you complete? It is said that the game will entertain you and gain more experience. Your quick reaction speed is also improved.