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Magic Dash


The Overview of Magic Dash

The principles of the game

Magic Dash is a fantastic running game with a cube character. Your mission is to navigate your character to avoid colliding with obstacles and get gems.

Like Flappy: Hey Space, this game also offers an exciting adventure in which you will control a cute cube. This character is blue and looks very cute and eye-catching. You will accompany this character throughout your adventure. Are you ready to support it?

In the game, a challenging track is waiting for you. You will conquer this track by using your amazing skills. First, you will face a series of obstacles. You will either jump over them or roll to avoid crashing into them. Depending on the type of obstacle, you will adjust your character flexibly to get more points. Your score will increase as you run far. In addition, the gems on the track are also amazing. Let's collect them now. You can change lanes or jump to get them.

How to navigate the character

Use an up arrow key to guide the cube to jump over many obstacles.

Use a down arrow key to control the cube to roll down to evade dangers.

Use the left-right arrow keys to guide the cube character to turn left or right.

Some features of Magic Dash

The endless race track

The game offers an intense race track. It is endless, so you can run as far as possible as long as you do not crash into any obstacles. Also, you need to watch out for small gaps in the way. You may lose your life if you do not dodge them in time. The track is filled with spike traps, barriers, tree logs, and stones.

The graphics and sounds

The graphics and sound of the game are very interesting. Vivid images make the game more attractive. You will be immersed in the wonderful images of the game. Additionally, you can relax with pleasant sounds. All these factors make the game successful. You can join the game right now.