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Om Nom Connect Classic


The challenging levels of Om Nom Connect Classic

The game rules

Om Nom Connect Classic is an entertaining connecting game. Your task is to match two Om Nom or similar objects until they all disappear from the playing field.

Maybe, you have participated in many different connecting games. But have you tried connecting the game with Om Nom characters? In this game, you will have to match two similar characters to make them disappear from the playing field. You have to match them with three lines. If you use more than three lines to connect the characters, you will not be able to make them disappear. It will take you more time. So, observe and make the right choice. After you clear them from the playing field, you will get a big score. Your ultimate goal in this game is to eliminate as many monster tiles as possible to get the highest score within a limited time.

How to pass the level

The number of characters and their arrangements will vary through each level. You can use hints to pass the level. Initially, you will have 3 hints and 3 shuffles. Use hints when you can't find any two objects that are the same. When you're stuck because you can't match any characters, you can use shuffles. It will help you shuffle the positions of the characters. As a result, you can complete the level easily. Good luck. If you love games that can help you train your brain, you can select Brick Breaker Bash.

The traits of Om Nom Connect Classic

The graphics and sound

The game has eye-catching graphics and vivid images. The characters in the game are also very cute. They make you feel interesting. You won't be able to stop playing this game. In addition, the sound of the game is also very funny. They help you relax. Join and experience the game.

The limited time

What's more, you must be quick when matching the characters because your time is limited. The timer will countdown. You have to clean up the playing field before the time runs out. When you pass the game with much remaining time, the game will exchange it becomes your score. So, your scores will increase significantly.