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Zoo Run


The fierce race in Zoo Run

Zoo Run offers a thrilling race of an animal. The game requests you to control your character to jump over as many deadly obstacles and go further.

Welcome to the amusing run. In this game, you will control your character to conquer a special race track. In this race, you will be faced with a different race track. It is placed in the air with lots of tiles. However, they are unstable because they can collapse at any time. As soon as your character passes, they will collapse. So you can only move forward. You need to run as far as possible to get more points. The number of points will correspond to the distance you have traveled.

Moreover, you also need to remember that, on the track, there are many obstacles. They make the race more intense. You need to dodge them by jumping over them. Press the left mouse button so your character can jump. Sharp spikes or blocks can cause you to lose your life. Besides, explosive barrels are placed high up to trap you when you jump. So come up with a smart strategy to stay alive.

Finally, you have to collect mysterious gift boxes. They can increase your score or give you a new character. Good luck.

Some exciting characters of Zoo Run

The character in the game is designed with a shape quite similar to the game Crossy Traffic. Before starting the race, you can choose your character to join the game. There are many kinds of love animals. You can choose them to make the game more interesting. You will no longer feel bored because of the appearance of the new characters. Some characters you can choose from include turtle, rabbit, bear, elephant, monkey, chicken, etc.