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Animals Clicker


The attraction of Animals Clicker

The game rules

Animals Clicker is a fun arcade game where you can unlock many lovely animal characters. Click on the animals to get money and purchase the power-ups.

Has your clicking speed increased? If you want to practice clicking speed then you should not miss this interesting game. You need to click quickly and repeatedly on animals on the screen to gather as much money as possible. Then, you can accumulate them to unlock some power-ups.

The game will help you to increase your clicking speed. As a result, you can play or control other characters well. You may play it until you master it. There are not any dangerous traps in the game. You just need to focus on your speed.

In addition, you should click and do the process bar in the top corner of the screen. Then, you can move to the following level. You continue to accumulate a lot of money to level up. Good luck!

The characters in levels

The game has many levels waiting for you. Each level will be a different kind of artifact. For example, on the first level, you will meet the lovely penguin. If you move to level 2, you can click on the orange beetle. Continue to pass many levels to be able to unlock many lovely characters. They are really eye-catching. Can you unlock all the characters in the game? You will need more time to fill the bar at the higher level.

Some power-ups of Animals Clicker

The Click

You can upgrade the Click to get more money per click. The more you upgrade, the higher their price. However, you can accumulate money. Then, with every click, you will get a lot of money. Don't miss upgrading it.

The Cashback

The cashback will be incrementally increased after a few seconds. You can get them to be able to increase your coins. You need to upgrade Cashback to reduce cashback time. Then, you can get them quickly.

The Limit

You should boost the Limit to be able to accumulate more cashback. You also need to spend a lot of money to be able to upgrade them. They will give you a bigger bag to hold more bonuses.