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Best Classic Mahjong Connect


The gameplay of Best Classic Mahjong Connect

Welcome to Best Classic Mahjong Connect where you need to complete the task in time to win. Match two identical mahjong pieces to eliminate them.

The game is related to the game Mahjong. However, this game has a different gameplay compared to regular mahjong games. You need to connect two identical mahjong pieces to make them disappear. The game is quite similar to other matching games. You also need to connect the mahjong pieces with a maximum of three lines. If you need more lines to connect then you will fail.

The game also brings you new challenges. Mahjong's pieces are quite similar. You need to pay attention to small details so as not to confuse them. It is best if you can observe carefully before clicking. It is best if you can invite your friends to join the game. Let's express stress with the game.

Explore Best Classic Mahjong Connect

The limit time

The time bar in the left corner will indicate your remaining time. You need to complete your mission before the time runs out. You will have to replay the level if you cannot meet the requirements. If you finish before time runs out, you can get more points. They will be converted into corresponding points for you.

Some hints

You are allowed to use hints 6 times in one turn. You need to save them to be able to play better on more difficult levels. They will help you complete 12 exciting levels of this game. If you have any tips, you can share them with others. Make an effort to win.