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Billionaire Wife Dress Up Game


Customize character in Billionaire Wife Dress Up Game

Welcome to Billionaire Wife Dress Up Game where you can become a stylist. Change the character's style with gorgeous clothes, expensive accessories, or make-up.


Billionaire's wife wants to become more beautiful, so she needs your help. You will be her own stylist. You will do all the work to make her even better. Your first task is to do her makeup. You will start choosing her skin tone. Skin color is very important. It affects the subsequent selection of dresses and accessories. So you will consider. However, if you are a master stylist, you can absolutely choose any skin color you like. You can still make her stand out in any case. After choosing her skin color, you will continue to choose a bikini for her. Next step, let's style her hair.Many different hair colors and styles are available for you to choose from. You can choose one of them. Besides, you need to be careful when applying makeup for her. Make smart choices to make her more brilliant. You can choose eye color, eyebrow color, and lip color. Do not forget to add other accents by adding earrings, nose piercings, etc.

Choose clothes

After you have made up your character, you will continue to choose clothes for her. You have a chance to mix different types of clothing. You can choose from gorgeous evening gowns. They are uniquely designed. In addition, it is also very eye-catching and shows off the beauty of the character. If you want a personality suit, you can choose beautiful tops. You will combine it with skirts. This way helps you get a cool outfit. Additionally, if you are keen on sexy styles, you can select short dresses. They will help your character show her body. Finally, if you want to emphasize the character, you can add outerwear. Many different types of locks appear in this game. These include vests, cardigans, blazers, etc. Finally, you can select the shoes, pumps, and boots.

Choose accessories

There are many accessories available. You can choose hairpins, necklaces, and bracelets for your character. Also, you can make her look more beautiful with expensive handbags. You can make her look better with a variety of accessories in the game.

How to finish the Billionaire Wife Dress Up Game

When you have completed your tasks, you are close to success. You will perform the last two tasks to complete the game.

Choose the background

You will choose one of the eye-catching backgrounds. They can be a clothing store, a luxury building lobby, or a studio. The backgrounds will make your character brilliant. It is a great factor that you should not miss. Choose the background that best suits your character.

Take a photo

Once you have done all the work, you can take a picture of your character. Make sure you're happy with your character's new look. Take a photo to capture this wonderful moment. You can then reload to continue experiencing other styles.