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Block Drop


Simple Mechanics of Block Drop

Let's immerse yourself in a world of strategic block placement in Block Drop. You are tasked with using blocks to create complete rows or columns.

Your mission

One of the strengths of this game is its simple mechanics. This is fairly similar to Merge Fruits. In this game, you must move the blocks with different shapes and sizes to the 10x10 grid in the center of the screen. Before placing the blocks, you should think carefully and plan their positions. Remember that your ultimate goal is to earn points by creating complete rows or columns of blocks. These complete rows and columns of blocks will be eliminated and leave more spaces in the grid. Sometimes, the blocks are frozen. You must produce the columns or rows containing the frozen blocks to remove the ice.

Various power-ups

There are two power-ups in this game. They are Bomb and Shuffle. The Bomb power-up helps to clear 9 adjacent blocks at the same time to get more spaces in the grid. Meanwhile, the Shuffle power-up can be used to change three blocks at the right of the screen. Note that you are allowed to use each power-up once, so just use them when necessary.

How to control: You must hold the left mouse button to move the blocks and release it to place the blocks.

Effective tactics to earn a high score in Block Drop

  • Maintain an Open Well: Keep a vertical well on one side of the grid that remains relatively clear of blocks. This open space allows you to maneuver and rotate blocks more easily. It also provides flexibility in placing blocks and prevents the grid from becoming congested too quickly.
  • Plan Ahead: Take a moment to assess the upcoming block and visualize where it would fit best on the grid. Look for potential gaps or areas that need to be filled. Planning your moves in advance will help you make quicker decisions when the blocks start falling.