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Candy Mahjong


The highlights of Candy Mahjong

The mechanics of the game

Candy Mahjong is an entertaining matching game. The game requests you to connect two identical pieces of mahjong to clean up the playing field.

The mahjong pieces are printed with different types of candy. You need to match the same mahjong pieces to make them disappear from the playing field. However, mahjong pieces can be put together, although not all identical pieces can. You cannot join two mahjong pieces on two different surfaces if they are blocked by the corner. Note that they can only be concatenated by 3 lines. If they need 4 or 5 lines to play, those mahjong pieces will not be discarded. Additionally, if you match them fast, your score can be tripled or quadrupled.

The game is highly interesting. There are 12 levels for you. You need to have a strategy to conquer all levels.

The eye-catching graphics

The mahjong pieces are extremely lively. They are printed with different types of sweets. The game graphics are quite bright which attracts many gamers of all ages. You will join the game and immerse yourself in the sweet candy world. Have fun.

The remarkable features of Candy Mahjong

The limit time

When playing the game, your time will count down. The bottom bar will show your remaining time. You must match them as quickly as possible to move to the following level.

Some hints

You can use the hint if you are struggling. There are 6 hints. You need to use them effectively to complete your task. They can help you to find the same mahjong easily. You should also not abuse them. Challenge yourself with this exciting quest. Come on and play the game now.