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Castle Light


The overview of Castle Light

The gameplay

Welcome to Castle Light to complete a fantastic mission. The game requests you to light all the lights in the castle to move to the following level.

The castle is engulfed in darkness. Looks like no one lit it. So you will take on this task. You need to complete the task of lighting all the lights. Your sentinel character will be equipped with a delicious torch. You need to use it and light up all the lights. The lights are usually placed in different positions on the wall. You need to utilize your agility and jump over the platforms to complete the mission.

After you light up all the lights in the room, you will open the exit door. You will continue with many other rooms in the castle. Try not to fall down. Good luck!

How to move

A or the left arrow key to go back.

D or the right arrow key to go forward.

Some challenges in Castle Light

There are 12 rooms in the castle. You will light each room in turn. The following rooms will gradually increase in difficulty. Temples are usually placed higher. You need to take advantage of the boxes or springs to jump up.

In addition, the following levels will have a lot of spikes. They are placed on platforms. If your character jumps on them, your character will lose his life instantly. Try to complete your mission without losing your life. The castle needs your lights.