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Cats Drop


Your mission in Cats Drop

Cats Drop is a cute arcade game featuring addictive gameplay. You are challenged to combine identical cats to create the biggest cat to gain the highest score.

This is a new game by the developer yeqwep. It won the hearts of many players because of its addictive gameplay. Specifically, in this game, you will play with adorable cats. You must merge two cats that have the same size and appearance. This will help to create a new bigger cat and you also get many points. You should try to merge the big cats if you want to earn more points. All the cats are dropped into the pot. Therefore, if any cat falls out of the pot, the game is over. Your goal in this game is to create the biggest cat and gain as many points as you can.


PC: Use the left mouse button to drop cute cats.

MOBILE: Tap the screen to drop the cats into the pot.

Some effective tips for Cats Drop

The mechanics of this game sounds simple. However, if you want to gain the highest score, you must have some effective tips to merge the cats. Here are some suggested tactics for you when playing this game.

  • Look at the next cat at the top right of the screen and change the cats when necessary.
  • Sort the cats by their sizes. For example, you can drop small cats at the right of the pot and bigger cats at the left of the pot.
  • Make the cat bounce to hit each other.
  • Aim at bigger cats because they will bring you many points.
  • Do not let the pot full and try not to drop any cat out of the pot.
  • Spend time thinking carefully before you drop the cats. Don't worry about the time because this game has no time limit.