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Cow Bay


Some materials you can get in Cow Bay

The original materials

You can work hard in Cow Bay to earn gold coins. You will collect different materials or use them to make another material to give to the king.

You will control a hardworking cow. It will master a lot of different islands. Only when it worked hard and provided enough materials for the king could it have a lot of gold coins? You will then use that gold to unlock many other islands and bays.

In the game, you will start with simple materials such as tomatoes, wood, and stone. You can collect them and exchange them with the king to get coins. Save them to unlock other bays where you can produce and collect more materials.

Some items you can make

After unlocking other bays and islands, you can unlock more factories and workshops. They will help you create better materials and items. For example, from original logs, you can create flat wooden planks using crafting machines. You can also create bricks from the stones you collect. In particular, you can cook tomato soup to strengthen your character. The king's requests will be more difficult. You need to work hard to create many new items. You can turn them into amazing products.

Control in Cow Bay

Use the mouse.