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Cricket Hero


The overview of Cricket Hero

Cricket Hero is an exciting sports simulation game. You need to hit the ball to protect the wicket or not let out three times to get many points.

The cricket sport is the inspiration for this game. Like cricket in reality, in this game, you will control an athlete. Your task is to help him defend the wicket which can be broken by the opponent's balls. You will use the bat to hit it. To win the game, you need to align to hit the ball. If you make a mistake, your wicket will be broken. As a result, you will be out. For each turn, you have three times. After being out three times, the game is over. Can you become the winner of the game?

Furthermore, like Crossy Traffic, the game requires you to have a high level of concentration. If you are not paying attention, your opponent will have an extra chance to break your wicket. Good luck!

The highlights of Cricket Hero

In the game, a few bombs will appear instead of balls. You are not allowed to hit those bombs. Your character will be safe if you do not hit it. The bomb will explode if you intentionally hit it and you lose this game immediately.

In addition, two wickets will appear. You need to protect them all. Move the position to be able to hit the ball. The appearance of two wickets forces you to be faster unless you will lose the game. Let's train your speed now. It is best if you can practice many times with the game. Play the game until you can play it as a master. Then, you can get many points. Break your record after each turn.