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Cyber Slashman


Some information about Cyber Slashman

The game rules

Cyber Slashman offers an intense battle between a slasher and many robots. Your task is to control your character to defeat all enemies before they do.

When playing the game, you will control a superhero with great slash ability. He can use his sharp sword to defeat scary robots. You will support him to complete the mission. When approaching other opponents to fight, you need to be careful. If you get too close to them, they will use electricity to paralyze you. So you have to slash them as soon as you get close to them. The game also requires speed. You must defeat your opponents first to avoid getting hurt.

In addition, you also have another task to collect stars and gold coins. They will give you more motivation to fight. Do not miss any stars and gold coins. Can you get them?

Finally, you need to collect blue balls to level up. Good luck!

Controls the slasher

The up arrow key to jump.

The left arrow key to go back.

The right arrow key to go forward.

Z to slash.

Some outstanding traits of Cyber Slashman

The limited energy

At each level, your character will have a certain amount of HP which is shown in the bar in the top right corner of the screen. You need to collect the blue ball and move to the following level before your character's energy runs out. To save energy, you should avoid the attack of the rivals. Make an effort to win.

Many challenging levels

In the game, there are a lot of difficult levels. You can join them by unlocking the level in turn. Are you ready to take on new challenges? The difficulty of the levels will increase. You will face more opponents. Therefore, let's come up with wise strategies to win.