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Dark Ninja


Some information about Dark Ninja

Some missions in the game

Play Dark Ninja where you can transform into a ninja. Your mission is to collect coins and shoot other ninjas down to become the last to exist in the game.

Ninja is one of the characters with great potential power. You will transform into a ninja dressed in black. You will fight to become the strongest. Your first mission is to defeat all the red ninjas. You need to use your slides to get them removed. You also need to be careful because they can also take your life at any time. Next, you need to avoid a lot of obstacles. They include gears, spikes, and gaps. You need to support your character to jump over them safely. Crashing into them isn't encouraged in this game. In the end, you need to collect as many coins as possible. Coins help you get more bonus points. Your character can also get booster thanks for coins.


The up arrow key to jump.

The left arrow key to go back.

The right arrow key to go forward.

A to shoot.

Z to hidden.

X to bomb.

The traits of Dark Ninja

The graphics of the game are excellent. Have you ever been to Japan? No matter where you come from in the world, you can still feel a lot about Japan after playing this game. You will see structures that are only found in Japan. They are very characteristic. In addition, cherry blossoms also appear in the game. It can be said that the game has highlighted unique features that only Japan has. Are you ready to join this game?