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Dark Runner: Shadow Parkour


The highlights of Dark Runner: Shadow Parkour

The goals of the game

Dark Runner: Shadow Parkour is a fantastic running game. Navigate your runner character to overcome many obstacles and reach the exit portal.

You will run fast in this game to complete the objectives. Your character in this game is a professional runner. But you can't see your character clearly. You can only look at the character's shadow, which makes the game even more attractive and interesting. It piqued your curiosity. Can you control it well?

Your first goal is to run fast and avoid the obstacles on the road. You can jump or parkour to pass them. You should note that you only have two lives on each level. Running out of them lears your loss. The spikes are the scariest obstacle because they stretch on the road. If you can't get past them, you lose your life.

Your second goal is to collect gold stars and cards. They are the motivation for you to keep trying to overcome challenges and obstacles. How many stars can you get? You also take caution when collecting them. Do not be trapped. It is said that this goal is so exciting.

Reach the finish line is what you need to do in this game. The final destination on the track is the Torii gate. This is a traditional Japanese gate. It has become the cultural symbol of this country. You need to go through the portal to move to the following levels.

Control the character

When controlling your character, you do not need to use too many operations. You need to press the up arrow key to jump. Besides, you can increase your character's speed by pressing the left arrow key.

Some excellent strategies in Dark Runner: Shadow Parkour

Tactical deployment skills are indispensable in this game. However, the two strategies below are experienced by the best players. You can consult or come up with your own tactics.

Jump longer and further

Like Geometry Dash Scratch, you can apply the long jump strategy. The further you jump, the more chances you have to survive. For the hemp ropes, the long jump can help you save your character. Therefore, you need to hold the up arrow key to jump higher and further. It is best if you can press the up and left arrow keys at the same time. This tip is so excellent. You should train your skills to win. Have fun.

Take advantage of the obstacles

You can jump on obstacles to be able to parkour to higher platforms. Make the most of the obstacles to gain momentum. You can jump over the hemp ropes. However, a few obstacles are very dangerous. You shouldn't risk jumping over them. Save yourself with clever tips. You can pass many difficult levels. Good luck.