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Dream Pet Link Adventures


The storyline of Dream Pet Link Adventures

Welcome to Dream Pet Link Adventures to complete some attractive tasks. In the game, you have to meet the target and level up to find the fish's friend.

In a small lake, one or two goldfish lived together. One day, a fish discovered that its friend was missing. It looks like the other fish got lost or it was swept away by the current. The fish was very worried about its friend, so it asked the farmer for help. You will accompany these two characters in the adventure which is to find the left fish. You need to overcome many challenges to find the small fish.

The target ofDream Pet Link Adventures

Some challenging targets

You will start with level 1. You need to complete your target by matching the same animals. The requested animals will be displayed in the top bar of the screen. You have to complete them without using up all your links. There are many levels available.

Remember that the difficulty of the levels will increase gradually. The number of required animals will increase. You are forced to find a solution to this complicated requirement.

The guides

Each level will have different instructions for you. You need to read them and follow the directions. You can match two similar animals that are not more than three lines apart. You cannot match two animals at two different angles. If they are blocked by other animals, you cannot select them.

You can link multi-animals. Take advantage of their position to be able to match three or four of the same animals when they are lined up next to each other. Your score will increase significantly. Make an effort to win the game. Have fun!