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Duck Life


Duck Life is a great racing game in which you start with a small and untrained duck. Turn it into a skilled athlete by training and competing in various races.

Start with training courses in Duck Life

When playing this game, you will participate in three main competitions including running, swimming, and flying. Like Geometry Dash Scratch, winning this game also requires your best tactics and control abilities. If your duck succeeds in becoming an excellent athlete, you will be the best player in this game. But first, you need to join the training courses to master all the skills.

Train the duck's basic skills

  • Running: The running training course focuses on improving your duck's speed and endurance. You guide your duck through a series of obstacle-filled tracks, testing your reflexes and agility. By completing this mini-game successfully, the duck's running skill increases, allowing it to cover greater distances and achieve faster speeds during races.
  • Swimming: The swimming mini-game is all about enhancing your duck's aquatic abilities. Here, you navigate your duck through a watercourse, avoiding obstacles while striving for speed and precision. By excelling in this mini-game, your duck becomes a proficient swimmer, enabling it to outpace opponents in water-based races.
  • Flying: In the flying mini-game, you help your duck soar through the skies, collecting coins and avoiding obstacles. This mini-game is instrumental in developing your duck's flying skill, granting it the ability to participate in aerial races and gain an advantage over opponents. Mastering this mini-game requires precise control and quick reflexes.
  • Climbing: The climbing mini-game challenges you to guide your duck up a vertically arranged course filled with obstacles. By scaling the heights with finesse and avoiding hazards, your duck's climbing skill improves. This proficiency translates into an advantage during races that feature climbing sections, allowing your duck to swiftly navigate these challenges.

Boost the duck's strength and endurance

  • Strength Training: Strength training is a mini-game focused on building your duck's physical power. You engage in weightlifting exercises, rapidly clicking on the screen to lift weights and increase your duck's strength stat. A stronger duck can deliver more powerful attacks during races, potentially overtaking opponents or clearing obstacles more efficiently.
  • Endurance Training: The endurance training mini-game aims to enhance your duck's stamina and resilience. You must maintain a steady rhythm of clicking or tapping to keep your duck running on a treadmill. By excelling in this mini-game, your duck's endurance improves, enabling it to run longer distances without tiring, giving it an edge in races that demand stamina.

Join races in the game

Once your duck has trained and improved its skills, it is time to compete in races against other ducks. Race against computer-controlled opponents in different environments, such as the farm, the city, or even outer space. Use your duck's trained skills to outperform and win races.

  • Beginner Races: This is a race for newbies. You can join the game and try to complete your mission. Challenges will be easier to overcome than other races.
  • Amateur Races: After you get better at Beginner Races, you can join Amateur Races. In this race, you will compete against amateurs just like you. The challenges will gradually become more difficult.
  • Expert Races: This is the most difficult race. There are many obstacles. They get you into a lot of trouble. Are you skillful enough to complete them?