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Duo Vikings 2


Cooperative gameplay of Duo Vikings 2

Let's embark on the immersive Viking adventure in Duo Vikings 2. You are tasked with guiding two Viking characters to evade dangers and collect coins.

Joining A Viking Adventure

This second installment invites you to step into the shoes of two Viking characters. You will join an exhilarating adventure in the ancient castle. The objective of this adventure is to collect three gold coins and reach the exit portal safely. During the adventure, you should watch out for guards in the castle. You can hit them or evade them to avoid being assassinated. It is possible to say that the cooperation of two characters is crucial in this game. You must learn about their special abilities before starting the hunt for gold coins in the castle. For example, the small brother is able to jump high, go through a small path, and use the hammer to hit the enemies. Meanwhile, the big brother is able to use the shield to hit the rivals and fly far. Strategize and synchronize their actions to overcome challenges.

Conquering Epic Levels

Like Jumping Shell, this game takes you on an exciting journey through a series of challenging levels, each filled with unique obstacles and puzzles. There is a total of 21 levels in this game. You will encounter a gradual increase in the complexity of the levels. At level 21, you are challenged to gather 60 coins. After winning the final level, you can leave the ancient castle and continue your adventure in new lands. I suggest you try Death Run 3D which also offers an exciting journey.



Use the A-D keys to guide the character to move.

Use a W key to guide the character to jump.

Use a S key to use the hammer to hit.


Use the left-right arrow keys to control the character to move.

Use an up arrow key to control the character to jump and fly.